Harbor West Yacht Club
First Quarter 2018
Dear Members:
Winter is here and if you look closely at the picture, your harbor master is out there shoveling snow off the blowers and working hard to make sure your harbor is safe!
Just a few things as we start our new fiscal year on December 1st.  Remember, your quarterly assessments are sent out on December 1March 1June 1 and September 1.  Please watch for them and let me know of you did not receive one by either email or USPS.  
Yes, you may pay your assessments ahead or for the full year, (through September.)  No, we do not accept credit cards or bank transfers.  Sorry.
Please see our website for board meeting dates, board members' contact information, bylaws etc.
The lounge is available for rent through May 24, 2018 for $100.00 to slip owners.
Have a good winter!
Angie Glynn, Director


12719 S West Bay Shore Dr

Traverse City MI  49684


231-922-3017 (office)