Adopted 12/11/18

Revised 2/11/2020



All policy regarding use, requirements of use, rent and service fees pertaining to the HWYC member lounge, lounge facilities, patio and laundry is governed by the HWYC Board of Directors. Except as provided, no use of the member lounge or lounge facilities is permitted without the express permission of the Board or their authorized agent.


Smoking: No smoking is permitted in the HWYC Member Lounge.

Pets: Pets are not permitted in the lounge at any time with the exception of bona fide service animals.

Restriction of Member Use:  Under no circumstances other than for authorized closing due to construction,maintenance or safety consideration is the lounge restricted to members. Denial of use of the lounge or lounge facilities to members before, during and after private events is prohibited.


lounge and facilitiesrent fee of $100, paid in advance, is required. All expenses associated with the event are the responsibility of the member. Any expense incurred by HWYC to remedy any condition sustained as a result of non- compliance of the lounge rules is the responsibility of the member.

Member Eligibility  (adopted 2/11/2020)

Member must be in good standing to be able to rent lounge


No event using the lounge or patio may be held until approval of the Harbor Master is received.  The Harbor Master is responsible for scheduling and maintaining an event log detailing the member’s name, event information, and date of approval. In the event of schedule conflict, the earliest date of approval will have priority.


 1. Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day 

Beginning Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day,use of the lounge for private events is not permitted. The HWYC Lounge and facilities are for the exclusive use and enjoymentof members, members’ guests, seasonal slip lessees and guests, marina staff and transient sliprenters (“the permitted group). No person other than permitted group members are authorized use of the lounge, kitchen area, kitchen facilities, lavatory, shower, laundryor patio area (to include cooking grills, patio chairs and tables).

2.  Post Labor Day to Memorial Day Weekend

 Beginning the day after Labor Day to the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend,  the HWYC lounge and facilities is restricted to slip owners, marina management and authorized vendors.Rental of the lounge is permitted for private use,but not the exclusive useby membersfor personal functions for themselves or family members (example birthdays, birth/marriage shower parties, anniversary celebrations, etc.) or when the member is a participant of a sponsored organization.


Rental of the lounge is permitted under the following conditions:

1.A minimum seven business daynotification in advance of the event must be given to theHarbor Master specifying the desired date, time, purposeapproximate number attending and any special requirements.  If the event is member sponsored the name of the organization is required

2. Themember must be present during the event.

3. The member is responsible for the care and timely clean-up of the lounge,the outside areas (if used), lounge facilities and equipment. No food, beverages or perishable items may be left in the lounge, outside areas or refrigerator. All trash, discarded cans and bottles must be properlydisposed.  

4All decorations must be removed at the end of the event. No permanent markers or adhesive materials may be used on the walls, glass or doors.

5. All clean-up must be completed no later than 10:00 A.M. of the day following the event providing the 10:00 A.M. time limit does not infringe upon the start time of a scheduled subsequent event and provides reasonable time for the subsequent event  preparation.

6No storage of materials is permitted. HWYC is not responsible for any personal property left in the lounge or on the premises.

7The member is responsible for the security of the lounge and will insure all entrances are locked at the end of the event. Disabling locks orthe lending of lounge keys to non-members is strictly prohibited

8.The member is responsible to insure the fireplace (if used) is turned off before leaving

9. No loud music or noise inappropriate for the surrounding area.


  1. Any activity of an Illegal nature

  1. Gambling 

  1. Commercial, retail or promotional activities involving the general public 


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